Your Money is Only
Making .01% Sitting in the Bank!

That is NOT how you build wealth. We don’t like risk, but we do like making money conservatively every day, and now you can too!

Welcome to the
SafeGuard Trading Algorithm

You will not make millions trading with our algorithm, and you will not get rich. We have a lot of other investments that make plenty of wealth, but we are cash-heavy and we don’t like just sitting here doing nothing with it. With this cash, we are VERY conservative and don't like doing anything risky with it. On the other hand, we don’t like making only a modest .01% return while it sits, making the bank even richer.

This is why we created our own algorithm for ourselves years ago and got excellent returns. We are in and out of the market as soon as it hits our target. The trick is that we never get greedy and we stress earning a profit without the gamble. We are now sharing the algorithm with you. We believe that this is going to be so big that you need to get in on it right now!


The software runs on your own broker account. You are the only person who can access it and have full control over your account.

No Prior Knowledge

No prior knowledge is required, as the trading software acts fully automatically and independently.


The past trading histories show stable growth with relatively low risk. (see page Trading)

Fully Automatic

The software is activated once on your account and then acts fully automatically. No intervention is required.

Years of Experience

Thanks to our experts, the SafeGuard Expert has been perfected over the years and has achieved excellent results for 16 years.


You will receive your personal contact person who will be at your side at all times.

It's Easy As 1-2-3!


SIGN UP: Create your account for €39 monthly cost


a virtual call for a step-by-step guide on how it all works


Choose to move forward with your account or we will give you a refund

Why Use SafeGuard?

Low monthly cost

We only collect a small fee each month

Support team standing by Take out the risks of "big trading"

Our proprietary algorithm does the work for you 5 days a week

Your own broker account means the money never leaves

A Peek Inside SafeGuard

You Will Also Be Able to See:

  • Your live trading
  • Trading bot results in anually
  • Performance results
  • News section
  • Statistics
  • And so much more!

Theresa Wies

Midwife and Kangaroo Trainer

I have found a great opportunity to invest my monthly savings rate well and safely and also to let the existing capital work for me. The support and customer service can be reached quickly and explains everything patiently, clearly and competently, even for newbies.

Thomas Claussen


I am super happy with this system and I am happy about the winnings every day and once a month about the distribution of the referral commissions from my happy customers and partners. It should be a win-win situation for everyone.

Dirk Fabrig

IT Director Procter & Gamble

It is running like a swiss clock, we get our returns fully automated on our own broker account and never have to give our money out of our hands. For me this is the first trading I will give a 5 star rating!